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So, as of yesterday at 6:30 the beginning of the end started. Now, many hours later, it's all done. THE RENT TOUR IS OFFICIALLY OVER It's been a long run and now, it's all gone. So, as a pick-me-up to all of you depressed maniacs who will be getting back from actually seeing the show (which I am jealous about, just so you know =}) I have a little present for you all.
La Vie Boheme...tour style
Dearly beloved we gather here to say our goodbyes

Marcus & Dan
Dies irae - dies illa
Kyrie eleison
Yitgadal v' yitkadash (etc)

Here it lies, millions knew its worth
The late, great, founder of these communities
On the night when we celebrate the birth
In that little town we call DC
We raise our glass, you bet your ass to
The RENT Collins tour

RENT Collins Tour
RENT Collins Tour
RENT Collins Tour
RENT Collins Tour

To days of dancing round here
jumping on tables, making crude penis statements
The need to express -
my love of this,
To showing my boxers and,
Pointing at girls
While doing the moonwalk too

To loving singing, no accent
To more than one standing O,
To starving for attention,
Hating the fact that its over
Not to mention of course,
Hating dear old un and ployment

To riding your bus,
All around the whole state
To hotel rooms - to PS2 -
To back rubs- during Contact -
To the double point -
Hugging any passing fan
To being an us for once
Instead of a Them

RENT Collins Tour
RENT Collins Tour

Okay, so that wasn't Dan related, but hey...a few of you will be busting your asses off of laughter, and that was really the point. Of course, we will all miss Dan, hell, the whole cast for so many reasons...it's just really impossible to pick one thing to say. But anyways, this is the memorial thread...post your goodbye (or whatever)...we will miss them!
xo, your mod, Maria
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::raises glass::

To the RENT '04-'05 tour. To four different shows, in two different cities. To being in awe of the pure talent on that stage, so many beautiful ways to translate Jonathon Larson's words and music. To hating Andy Meeks the first time I saw him in Hershey, and then adoring him by the time I saw him at D.C.'s Friday midnight performance. To Dan Rosenbaum's Roger: angry, fucked up, beautiful, tragic, glorious, careful, in love, soaring, trying, frightening, and real. To the two different Mimi's I saw: both drop-dead sexy with just enough sadness. To the rest of the cast, for obviously loving what they did, who they were playing, what they were singing.

It's not enough to just go from city to city playing for a lot of people who end up leaving sometime during the first act, and then there's the mass exodus of the curious (now disgusted) conservatives at intermission. And this cast, just kept going. Kept giving a phenomenal performance every night, no matter how many people left, or didn't cheer, or didn't get the jokes.

Because us, the fans were there, guys. And we appreciated it. (Even if the lights went all wonky during the midnight show...ha ha ha)

To seeing Dan in the wings and saying "Look, there's Dan!" right before he turned and looked in your direction, and then sticking your tongue out and saying "We'll make you better! You can come to my hotel room!" To getting a guitar pick chucked at you and not being able to find it. To hiding an iTalk in a sweatshirt. (I definitely did not just say that). To being smiled at really big on the word "love" in Seasons of Love.

And, as you said, to the totally fucked up lights at the midnight show, especially the red lights during Tango: Maureen (Which were better by the closing show).

To Dan being one of the sweetest guys on the planet, even if most people are too distracted by his hotness to notice how adorable he is.

To being picked up for your friend's birthyday present because she couldn't make it to D.C.

Everything else you already said, too.
aha i loved it
i didnt even know it was over until just now
the RENT Collins Tour will be missed
and a thank-you to the tour for giving me the best performance of RENT i have ever seen
To one of the most talented and overall kind members of any touring cast. To being such an emotionally powerful Roger that I think I cried where I normally didn't before - just because what I saw there was so strong.

Best of luck, Dan - you know we'll be by to see you on Broadway.
To absoutely nothing short of amazingly talented man who had me crying so much and totally captivated me with his devotion,talent, and extremely strong stage presence! Cant wait to see you again! Ill be there when you hit that broadway stage!