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danrosenbaum's Journal

Dan Rosenbaum: The man, The Roger, The musician
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Dan Rosenbaum...

1) Be respectful. If you've joined this you obiously have some form of respect for either Dan, Laine, or me so just remember that.
2) Post with some level of intelligance. In other words don't say, "OMG HE's HoTT! WHaT is he IN?" You can say something like, "Wow, that boy is hot...what might I have seen him in?" or something though. We will be very glad to talk about either subject, so don't be afraid.
3) Keep it clean. While we are aware that he is hot, there are certain things about his hotness that we don't want to discuss. Got it? Good.
4) Have any news, pictures, reviews? Please post. Especially pictures, because there aren't a lot.
5) Upon joining (or a little after since you guys have joined and we're lazy and didn't post this for a while) please fill out this short and *could be* fun survey so we can all know each other better.
name. location. how you first heard of dan. favorite thing about dan. random tidbit.
6) Have fun, because that's why we created this community in the first place!
love your x-static mods, peaceofaithMaria and _trustingdesireLaine

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