Chrissy (invinciblesmile) wrote in danrosenbaum,

Name: Chrissy
Location: CT
How you first heard of Dan: I saw him last nite :sigh::
Favorite thing about Dan: his voice, his height that makes him tower over everyone, and his passion
Random Tidbit: I've been a RENThead for about 6 years but have only seen it 3 times, and only on tour.

i was supposed to go seen it again tonite but times got changed bc of snow :-( and i didnt know till about 30 minutes ago and it started in 10 minutes :-( but its ok bc i got to meet him last nite and he is the sweetest thing in the world and i got a picture with him so its all good. yay for hott rogers!!

anyone have any good pictures of him that would make good icons?
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