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So I just got back from seeing Dan in Jesus Christ Superstar in Ohio. I don't usually do reviews, but since someone *COUGH COUGH* told me to...I will.

Dan (Judas): Ewww, he sucked.

Only I'm obviously just kidding. ;p (That's what you get for telling me to write a review!!) Hands down, he was the best thing about the show. His entire performance was fantastic - especially the ponytail and the sandals. I got to see it twice while I was in Ohio, and the second time was from the very front, and the stage was on the same floor we were, and it was really great to get to hear him singing right in front of us and not through speakers. And the knee slide thing at the end of "Damned for All Time" was awesome (I tried to do that at a school dance once and it was really fun). I've seen the show several times, and the movie countless times, but I've never seen a Judas that could act half as well. The music wasn't live, it was pre-recorded, which meant a lot of what was done had to fit into the time of the music, and he did a really, really great job of portraying Judas's conflict within the limits already set by the music. Totally worth 2 nine hour drives (and lots of sleep deprivation). I mentioned earlier that the cell phone thing at "...had no mass communication" was awesome. Just don't get almost-really-hung again...that wouldn't be good. And chewing gum during curtain call is definitely a plus.

If I had slept at all last night, I would write more and about the rest of the show - but we left for home at 12:45 this morning and I have gotten no sleep whatsoever since Saturday night.


The end. :D

ps. Braces suck.
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