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New Member Here

Name: Nicole.. Nikki. Whatever floats your boat.
Location: New Jersey
How you first heard of Dan: Saw him yestorday in New Brunswick.
Favorite thing about Dan: He was an angry Roger. I thought he sounded quite similar to the beloved Jeremy Kushnier. This is the only guy in the cast (well maybe Andy too) I could see moving to Equity and eventually on Broadway for RENT.
Random Tidbit: Well it was my 6th time seeing the show and I was very harsh to the cast. Most of it I thought was filled with over exaggerating which made me laugh during scenes I shouldn't have been. And Dan's pants were just a little too tight last night...
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Dan's pants too tight? Oh I hardly think there is such a thing!!! ;)

Welcome to the community!
Oh, good, he got the really tight pants back. In Hershey they were a lot looser than in Philly...that made me sad.
It didn't look right... at all. It made him look homosexual and it wasn't .. Roger pant's. I don't know..
lol, I hope those are the pants he will be wearing tomorrow. Is anyone seeing the show in New London tomorrow? Iam and I cant wait. I have seen a lot of people saying they met Dan and Andy at the stage door. How do you know where the stage door is? Do you ask somebody or something. This will be my secnd time seeing it but I didnt know that you could meet them.

thanks a lot, cant wait for tomorrow!
Oh so I did wind up finding the stage door haha. And I met them. And Dan ha don the tight ones, haha. They are so sweet. AS soon as I have them in my computer, I can post the pics.